Westleigh Progress Association

The Westleigh Progress Association has been looking after the Westleigh community since 1972.

This volunteer organisation deals with any issues relating to our beautiful suburb.

It meets twice a year, in March and September. The Progress Association newsletter, the “Avacare” is currently being published each month online.

In the past, the WPA has dealt with issues such as bus shelters, recycling, daycare facilities, graffiti, noise pollution, road safety, traffic issues and most recently, lobbying for an alternate site for the ETTTA compound.

In September each year, we invite Westleigh RFB to present an up-to-date report on bushfire preparedness at our meeting.

We would love to see  residents attend our meetings, so please feel free to come along, whether you are a member or not.

You can contact the Westleigh Progress Association at westleighprogress@gmail.com.

7 responses to “Westleigh Progress Association

  1. Dear WPA,
    For your information, I have wrritten to the ETT and our local member, Matt Kean the following. Am not sure if you are aware of this? Please keep me posted if you have a meeting about it.

    Dear Mr Kean,

    I am deeply concerned about the issue of the proposed site compound for the Epping to Thornleigh Third Track on Sydney Water land. I cannot believe that narrow suburban streets close to local residents and the local school will be used for access by heavy truck and trailer vehicles. These trucks will be negotiating a small roundabout which regularly has school children crossing. We are a small community and loads of kids walk to and from school every day. Children regularly cycle to Ruddock Park which will be impacted by the trucks. Children and trucks don’t mix. This is a quiet suburb with family and kids walking and cycling every day on our local streets.

    Traffic congestion will be a nightmare as it already is getting in and out of Quarter Sessions Road and Duffy Avenue. It often backs up from Pennant Hills Road, back to the Duffy and Quarter Sessions Road intersection. We are a one street in, one street out suburb. Fatal if a fire were to break out and access was blocked. Yarrara Road is often blocked from one end to the other with traffic congestion – we don’t need more traffic poured onto this road.

    This is clearly a health issue for the local school and residents with the removal of contaminated excavated material being processed there and a dangerous issue with the amount of trucks utilising a suburban street, and I for one, am extremely opposed to this proposed location.


  2. Westleigh residents must fight this proposal as there has been no consultation. I would not have known about this if were not for the progress associations letter box drop. A veil of secrecy, and this is not acceptable.
    We all have to follow the rules… but some bodies seem to be above this.
    Very disappointed in our elected government delegates. Westleigh residents will fight this all the way.

  3. I have been in touch by email with Nathan Tilbury, Deputy Mayor of Hornsby, who assures me that Duffy.Quarter Sessions Road is OFF the agenda as a route. However he cannot say that the site will not be used and if it is what the proposed route will be. Council is also attempting to find ETTT a site further away (from Westleigh?)
    Over the past week I emailed Michael Galderisi twice and got the usual official blurb as response, plus Hornsby Councillors & local MPs – only Nathan replied.
    My letter to Hornsby Advodate was published under the incorrect name of Trish Yan, but maybe it served to alert some who were unaware of the proposal..
    Trish Wan, 56 The Sanctuary.

  4. At the photo shoot at the Sydney Water gate to celebrate out ETTT win, I asked Matt Kean whether this positive result meant that the Quarter Sessions Sydney Water land was off the radar for the northconnex project, and he responded that the M1-M2 project would be a new negotiation with different authorities and project teams. His words, ‘we start from scratch’.
    Now that the northconnex is going ahead, does anyone know where the processing depot(s) will be?
    I have a strong suspicion that this land will be used for something (maybe only parking), since one of the northconnex utility centres is situated at the end of Duffy Road, not far away.

  5. Regrettably I missed the opportunity to meet the candidates in the zoom session last week, is WPA aware of any further opportunities to meet the candidates for the forthcoming election?

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